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        1. XUEBAO


          Founded in 1992, Xuebao Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a quasi group enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It covers an area of nearly 200 mu and has a construction area of more than 130000 square meters, including GMP workshop of more than 8000 square meters and scientific research center of more than 6000 square meters. With the approval of the Provincial Department of science and technology and Provincial Department of finance, it has established "Jiangsu Province biological lysozyme engineering technology center", and has long cooperated with Fudan University and Jiangnan University Technical cooperation. Production categories include: biological enzyme oral care products, household hygiene products and washing, leather care products, etc.
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          0510-86294448 Email:xbmkt@xuebao.com.cn Add:No.35, Qiaoqi Yingbin Avenue, XuXiake Town, Jiangyin City
          Jiangsu Snow Leopard Household Chemical Co., Ltd.